xTxT Documentation

Upgrading xTxT 1.0 Documents to xTxT 2.0

These instructions cover the basic change requirements needed in order to make an xTxT 1.0 document xTxT 2.0 compatible.

1 Element formations

xTxT 2.0 now requires all Element content to begin on the line following the Element tag;

Constructions such as;

/h1 A title

Must be changed to;

A title

2 Un-escaping leading slash / in content

In Element content, forward slashes (/) no longer need to be escaped as //.

This is most commonly done in literal elements such as /code and /example.

//h1 A title

Must be changed to;

A title

3 Deprecated Elements

These elements have been deprecated and are no longer used in xTxT 2.0;

  • /div
    • Use standard <div> HTML instead
  • /span
    • Use standard <span> HTML instead
  • /dir
    • Unsupported at present
  • /example
    • Can use /region.example instead
  • /comment
    • Still works but formats as a simple paragraph
  • /sqlconn
    • Connection strings are defined using the $conn setting instead
  • /sqlconnwebconfig
    • Temporarily deprecated
  • /css
  • /description
  • /keywords
  • /style
  • /title


/sql has been repurposed as a data source definition.

Use /tablesql instead.

5 Params are deprecated


Will be re-introduced later, probably with a slightly different construction;

/param <name>