xTxT Documentation

Quick Reference

Common Styles

  • Bold - \text\
  • Italics - \\text\\
  • Underline - \_text\_
  • Highlight - \#text\#

Common Tags

  • Lists
    • /ul Unordered list (bullets)
    • /ol Ordered list (numbered)
  • Other
    • /comment
    • /def


To a page in the same Site;

  • Implicit
    • <a href="/quickref/MyPagePath?find">MyPagePath</a>
    • Will try to find the most page with that local path name
    • First looking below the current page (children)
    • Then adjacent to (siblings)
    • Then throughout the Site (family)
  • Explicit
    • <a href="/About/Our_Products">/About/Our Products</a>

Link formation includes two optional parameters;

[display text[link]target]

These are;

  • display text (optional). The text to display. If not specified, the actual link will be displayed.
  • link (required). The link to go to.
  • target (optional). The location to open the link. This is fairly advanced, but a few common options include;
    • _blank Opens the link in a new window or tab
    • _search Opens the link in the browser's search window (if the browser supports this)
    • _main Opens the link in the default window
    • If not specified, Miru defaults to the current window for local links, and to a new window for external links.