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Link (/link)

The Link element generates a hyperlink, which can be used to navigate to a specified URL.




<p><a href="http://www.google.com">Google</a></p>

Which renders as;


Preferred Syntax

Use double-brackets on the linked text, like this;


To give the link an alternate name, insert that name between the first and second brackets;


To target that link to a specific window, specify the target between the ending brackets;


Alternate Syntax

Hyperlinks are specified using the pipe symbol. The Hyperlink specification must be placed at the end of the line, as follows;

This is some hyperlinked text|http://www.yahoo.com

Targeted Hyperlinks

A second pipe delimiter can be used to specify an href target

This is some hyperlinked text|http://www.yahoo.com|_blank

Use a carriage return to separate the text you want hyperlinked from the rest of the paragraph.

This is some 

Important Notes

Using the Pipe character in regular text

Note; if you want to include a normal pipe character in your text content, you can use an HTML entity instead;


Host Notification and Link Changes

Before rendering a link, xTxT notifies its host of the event, and gives the host a chance to make modifications to the link.

This means that the host may choose to modify the link, text, target, or other factors.

See host integration