xTxT Documentation

xTxT Elements

In xTxT, an Element is an object such as a paragraph or a list. Elements are generally described as;

/elementTypeName elementName
elementContent ...
elementContent ...
  1. elementTypeName. Indicates the type of Element, e.g. /unorderedlist
  2. elementName (optional). The unique name of the Element. This is most often used for advanced features such as javascripting, and Element-specific styling.
  3. elementContent The content of the Element. How the content is used depends entirely on the Element Type.

Categories of Elements

Each Element generally falls into one of three categories;

  1. Content Elements
  2. Container Elements
  3. Literal Elements

With the introduction of xTxT 2.0, Elements can be explicitly closed, and can therefore contain;

  1. Whitespace, or
  2. Other Elements
some text
some text
some text
some text