xTxT Documentation

Size Attribute

Used to describe the width and height of the Element when it is rendered in a layout-supporting syntax such as HTML.



Size is complementary to Width and Height. It provides a shorter syntax.

If Size is specified in addition to Width and/or Height, then the settings specified by Width and/or Height override the equivalent setting in Size.

Size is always specified Width first, Height second
as in 100,200.

Only 2 Parameters can be specified, and they must be separated by a single comma (,) or an x (x). No spaces are allowed.

  • Valid: 10,20
  • Valid: 10x20
  • Invalid: 10-20 (not a valid separator)
  • Invalid: 10 x 20 (spaces not allowed)

The measurements are HTML-format measurements. If not specified, the measurement is assumed to be in pixels.

The '*' character indicates no-value, e.g. a size of 10,* indicates a width of 10, and an unspecified height.



Resulting dimensions are 100px wide, 200px tall.



Resulting dimensions are 100px wide, 150px tall.



Uses HTML Units.

The default Unit, if not specified, is pixels.

There may be limitations on certain rendering formats.